Computer | Phone | Internet Security Is Largely Ignored
Date: Monday, March 03, 2014 @ 07:14:59 EST
Topic: News You Can Use

Big brother is already here. I am amazed at the national media attention on the NSA Security breach and the govt invasion of our privacy. For weeks the media has droned on and on about the NSA and their spying on the world at large and Americans in general. Yet many folks have insecure phones, post internet wide in hundreds of places like FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and the list goes on and not a peep to Americans and the world at large about what you give away every day! Why it is there seems to be no lack of concern about big business when they do the very same thing with many people’s blessings. I simply do not comprehend. Your phone spies on you, your tablet spies on you, your computer spies on you, the websites you visit spy on you and no one seems to care, resent or otherwise seem to be concerned. If you do your homework you will quickly find the NSA is the least of your worries. These words to the wise will go largely ignored until it is too late.

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Computer | Phone | Internet Security Is Largely Ignored

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