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Date: Saturday, February 28, 2015 @ 00:00:00 EST
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Beams Painting was hired to repair & restore the stairwells of the English Inn in Charlottesville, Virginia

The stairwells at the English Inn of Charlottesville have a need for attention. Through time, moisture has caused the paint film to loosen and crack, bubble, and peel in places.

We removed the old rubber base which was beaten and worn. It also was loosening in places. Then the old base glue was scraped off the bottom of the walls.

We checked over every square inch of block wall to find where the paint was failing. When exposed, the bad areas have a powder alkali present. We wash those area with vinegar to neutralize the surface.

Stairwell Renovation Charlottesville Virginia

These areas were high and low throughout the stairwell. We then prime the peeling spots with a latex bonding primer. Then the white primer spots are primed with the semi-gloss finish coat. This allows a uniform finish look in the top coat of latex semi gloss paint.

After completing the walss we direct our efforts to the metal in the stariwells. We wipe all surfaces down with Krud Kutter DeGlosser to clean. Then we sand all metal surfaces. Now we can paint oil base gloss. After washing the grey treated surfaces, we scrape any raised matter off and vacuum.

Grey oil base from Sherwin Williams was applied on the treated surfaces. This product has a built in anti-skid function, ideal for steps.

The fresh look is the finished product. And with proper preparation, these stairwells should hold up for a long time.

Painting Contractor | Charlottesville | Virginia

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Commercial Painting Contractor | Charlottesville, Virginia

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